NERF Rentals in Los Angeles, CA

Throw a NERF Party for your next birthday or event!


NERF Rentals in Los Angeles, CA

Affordable Fun For Birthdays and Other Parties

NERF parties are a super fun way to make a birthday or party special for your kids. When looking into the prospect of having a NERF party, you may be interested in buying the equipment yourself – which totally makes sense if you plan on having the stuff long term and your kids will play with it. That said, you might not want 20 NERF guns and masks and vests all sitting around, but you will want them for your party…that’s where we come in! 

We have a slew of NERF equipment rentals here in Los Angeles and can make it simple for you to get the equipment you need for your LA NERF Party. We have the NERF gun rentals, darts, masks, vests, bunkers and accessories to make your party fun and entertaining for your group. We can even deliver and pickup the gear. 

For those looking to make a DIY NERF party, this is renting the guns, safety equipment and bunkers and then letting the kids use their imagination to create their own fun “battle”. Looking for tips on how to run a NERF party? Check out our rules and battle guide.  Triangle Lawn Games makes it easy for you and fun for the kids, providing multiple blasters for each child, as well as masks, vests, darts and bunkers.

Our NERF Rentals are rented in “battlepacks” and recommended for up to 15 kids, though there are extra masks and guns for up to 20. We do not currently offer coaching and facilitation but do have resource guides that you can use to run your own party. If you want to book you can do so below or contact us to get a free quote!


Make an awesome NERF war with our NERF Battle Pack!

Nerf Gun Battle
NERF Field of Play

Frequently Asked NERF Questions

  • How many kids can use a battle pack? –  Technically 15, but you can make it happen however you want as long as they all wear eye protection. Sometimes we run them through in shifts of 10 (5v5). Each of our NERF kits comes with the following:
    • 15 Primary Blasters
    • 15 single shot blasters
    • 15 Bunkers
    • Electric Pump for Bunkers
    • 20 masks
    • 20 Vests
    • 750 Darts
    • Random Accessories like wrist bands
  • Do you offer coaching and facilitation? – Not currently at this time but we are working on that
  • Do I have to pay for lost darts? – No we do not charge for lost darts, just broken or lost equipment
  • Do the kids have to wear masks? We provide and require the use of eye protection when using the NERF guns
  • What is Your Cancellation Policy? – We provide a full refund up to 4 hours prior to your event for any reason

What Makes Our NERF Rentals Different?

Quality Equipment

Triangle Lawn Games prides ourselves on having quality equipment that is clean and in good shape. Our NERF equipment is cleaned and inspected after every rental and we promise that you will get guns and equipment that won’t cause embarassment or headaches. We provide guns, masks, vests, bunkers, bullets and everything you need to have fun.


NERF Support and Resources

On top of having great NERF equipment at super low prices, TLG also believes that you should have resources and help when trying to do something cool like throwing a NERF party. From rule guides and instructions, to full on coaching and facilitation, we offer resources to make your NERF party fun and memorable.


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