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Diaper Changing Stations

Triangle Lawn Games is the nation’s leading provider of specialty yard game rentals. We are experts at what types of cornhole to buy and use, how to run a tournament, what the best yard game olympics games are, and we have spent years building a platform that is repeatable and efficient to bring great games to parties and events. Along the way we have met some incredible companies that do other things, such as our partnership with Wowzers who offers amazing party artist services. We have also partnered up with Babyquip, the nation’s leader in baby equipment rentals.

Babyquip has amazing vendors in Los Angeles that can help provide diaper changing station privacy rentals for your event, among other fun items!If you are looking to rent lawn games we are a great option, but if you need other items such as ball pit rentals, diaper changing stations and more – check out babyquip via the button below!


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Diaper Changing Stations

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Why Would You Want Diaper Changing Stations at Your Event?

Having a diaper changing station at an event can be a thoughtful and practical addition, especially for events where families with young children are likely to attend. Here are several reasons why someone might want to include a diaper changing station:

  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: A diaper changing station helps create a family-friendly environment, making it more comfortable and convenient for parents with infants or toddlers to attend the event.

  • Inclusivity: Including amenities like a diaper changing station shows consideration for the needs of attendees with young children, promoting inclusivity and making the event accessible to a broader range of participants.

  • Convenience for Parents: Parents of young children often appreciate having a dedicated space for changing diapers. It saves them from having to search for a restroom or leave the event to attend to their child’s needs.

  • Extended Stay for Families: If families with young children know that there is a diaper changing station available, they may be more likely to stay at the event for a longer duration, increasing overall attendance and participation.

  • Positive Reputation: Providing family-friendly amenities can contribute to a positive reputation for the event organizer or venue. Word of mouth about such thoughtful considerations can enhance the event’s image and encourage future attendance.

  • Legal Compliance: In some places, there may be legal requirements or guidelines related to family facilities, including diaper changing stations, especially in public venues. Having such facilities ensures compliance with regulations.

  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: A dedicated diaper changing station helps maintain hygiene and cleanliness. It provides a controlled and sanitary environment for diaper changes, reducing the likelihood of messes in other areas of the event space.

  • Stress Reduction for Parents: For parents attending the event, knowing that there is a designated space for changing diapers can reduce stress and make their experience more enjoyable. It contributes to a positive overall experience for families.

Including a diaper changing station is a small but impactful way to accommodate the needs of families with young children, fostering a more inclusive and family-friendly atmosphere at events.

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